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Humans are hard-wired for love and journalist Stephanie Wood is most definitely human. So in 2014, when a tall stranger with twinkling green eyes contacted her after finding her dormant profile on a dating website, she thought, 'What the hell.' It certainly wasn't love at first sight: during their first couple of meetings, she sensed there was something slightly off about this "daggy" bloke called Joe – an affluent farmer and former architect who worked on the land but also had a harbourside home in Sydney, two kids, an ex-wife and a fabulous boat.
She brushed the doubts away, telling herself she was being too picky. They kissed after their fourth date, went on weekends away and started talking about a future together. "Commitment," declared Joe, "is a word on my mind."
Stephanie had fallen head over heels in love but "anxiety's skin-tingle and stomach-churn" took up residence in her body when Joe began a series of cancellations and no-shows. Despite her "instincts howling" that something was awry, she stuck with him as he explained he couldn't make a date because of a business deal going "tits up" or his dog getting a snake bite or his former wife unexpectedly dumping the kids on him.
When she finally dumped him after he stood her up at the airport on the way to a wedding, Stephanie began a long, painful investigation into who Joe really was.
In Fake, Stephanie recounts her story and talks to experts about the psychology of romantic love. She also interviews a range of other duped women – some of whom also had dealings with Joe – to shine a light on just how damaging relationships can be in a world of liars, fantasists and phonies.
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