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There's just no getting away from it: the girl on the cover of Daisy Jones & The Six bears an uncanny resemblance to Stevie Nicks in her younger years. And given this is a novel about a soft rock band with an alluring female singer who hit the big time in California in the 1970s, well, you can't help but figure this is no accident.
While Taylor Jenkins Reid's tale is pure fiction, echoes of Fleetwood Mac are everywhere in this rather marvellous story, which is written in the format of a documentary transcript.
Daisy Jones is a free-spirited singer/songwriter with a voice that's "gritty but never scratchy". The Six, meanwhile, is a band making steady, if unremarkable, inroads into the LA music scene. When their manager decides to team them up with Daisy, the chemistry is both wildly successful and heartbreakingly destructive.
The band's 1978 album Aurora becomes a gargantuan hit, but instead of finding themselves in pure rock ' n' roll nirvana, everything turns to custard. For starters, the Six's lead singer Billy Dunne and Daisy simultaneously loathe and fancy each other. Then, there's the shady hangers-on, the annoying record execs, the tantrum-throwing musicians and the mammoth egos. And, of course, the ill-advised love affairs and raging addictions.
Taylor has created a host of characters who are so believable you might find yourself forgetting they're not real. And she was so committed to the story she penned all the lyrics to the fictional songs her characters sing – printed at the back of the book – and created a Spotify playlist to reflect the novel's vibe. Unsurprisingly, it contains more than a few Fleetwood Mac gems.

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