Win the NEXT July book of the month: The Wonder of Lost Causes by Nick Trout

A wise soul once said, “Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen” and this is a book that echoes the sentiment.

In The Wonder of Lost Causes, a mangy old mutt shows up at an animal shelter with more nicks on his body than a car that's been around the clock several times.
Dr Kate Blunt is the veterinarian who runs the shelter and when her 11-year-old son Jasper arrives to pitch in after school, everyone is astonished to see the creature immediately calm down.
Jasper announces that the dog's name is Whistler "because he told me" and there seems to be something in it as the pair form an instant connection.
The deep bond between Jasper and Whistler, however, is problematic for Kate. Firstly, their housing development forbids pets. Secondly, Jasper's health is seriously compromised by cystic fibrosis and living with a hair-shedding dog is the last thing a boy with a serious lung condition needs. Yet, the more time Jasper spends with Whistler, the more his health, social skills and outlook improve.
Kate, meanwhile, knows shelter policy dictates Whistler must be euthanised if he's not adopted within two weeks of arriving, and given his age and his lack of 'cute appeal' the chances of anyone taking him home are zero.
When a man, who lives 3000km away, suddenly comes forward to say Whistler is his, Kate and Jasper make the long journey to take him home – all the while wondering how on earth they can ever return to a life without him. Told alternately between the voices of Kate and Jasper, this is a beautiful and uplifting story that illustrates the utter perfection of imperfection.
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