Win the NEXT August book of the month: Recursion by Blake Crouch

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The stakes are raised to fever pitch in this intense sci-fi thriller that dwells on memory and how it shapes our identity.
The story alternates between two characters in two time periods – NYPD detective Barry Sutton in 2018 and neuroscientist Helena Smith in 2007 – and it begins with Barry, who is doing his best to talk a woman away from the edge of a building.
Before leaping to her death, she tells him she's suffering from False Memory Syndrome – a frightening condition in which individuals have other people's memories implanted in their brains.
Next, we encounter Helena who, 11 years earlier, is working on a machine that allows people to relive their memories. Her motives are pure: if she succeeds, people with dementia and brain injuries will be able to regain their memories and recognise the important people in their lives. When a wealthy philanthropist offers her an unlimited budget to develop her ground-breaking technology, she seizes the opportunity – something she ends up regretting deeply.
Back in 2018 Barry starts investigating False Memory Syndrome and how it spreads and ultimately he comes face-to-face with Helena.
It's at this point that author Blake – who is carving out a name for himself as the sci-fi writer du jour – really starts bending his readers' heads. Without giving too much away, it's safe to say the two characters find themselves in a quest to save the world as we know it.
In addition to being a twisting, terrifying thrill-ride, this book is also an epic love story and a great choice for anyone who likes their plots thick and the pace fast.
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