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Snowberry: Reveal radiant glowing skin. Made from nature, boosted by science.
Each lucky winner will receive a Snowberry natural skincare prize pack valued at $179, containing a new Snowberry Smoothing Eye Serum and a Snowberry Intensive Renewal Serum.
Snowberry Smoothing Eye Serum
Eye skin is thinner and more susceptible to fine lines and unsightly 'bagging.'
Snowberry's new, next generation Smoothing Eye Serum, packed with high tech age-erasing ingredients, including Argireline, a unique peptide known as the 'natural botox' will arrest the effects of our busy lifestyles on our eyes - fast.
This magic cream also contains glycoprotein Antarcticine, and a nourishing extract from the fresh buds of organically certified Mountain Ash which together reduce the appearance of wrinkles, combat under-eye puffiness and improve overall skin condition in this delicate area.
Combined with a luxurious blend of potent natural ingredients, it hydrates, smooths and firms the skin, reduces puffiness and corrects the signs of tiredness - naturally.
To find out more about the eye-opening science behind Snowberry Smoothing Eye Serum, go to
Snowberry Intensive Renewal Face Serum
Proven by gold standard clinical trial at Dermscan, France, the Intensive Renewal Face Serum delivers the world-first triple Peptide Power Pack delivery technology called eProlex™.
Formulated with a potent combination of skin cell protection and rejuvenating ingredients, this top-of-the-line Serum has been specifically designed to re-densify ageing skin, help reduce lines and wrinkles, and improve skin's radiance.
Also available from Farmers and leading pharmacies.