Win NEXT December book of the month: After the Flood by Kassandra Montag

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A swashbuckling, super-survivalist mum-of-two takes centre stage in this adventure novel set in a water-logged future.
In the prologue we learn that the world as we know it has changed out of sight, with biblical-scale flooding leaving only the highest points of the planet inhabitable. Here, we meet a pregnant Myra, her five-year-old daughter Row and her husband Jacob, who are planning to sail away on a boat that Myra's grandfather is building in the attic.
But Jacob doesn't want to wait. One day he leaves on a motorboat, carrying Row kicking and screaming with him, never to be seen again.
The story then picks up seven years later: Myra has given birth to her second daughter, Pearl, and the pair are eking out an existence on their little boat, catching fish and bartering their haul at trading posts for the things they need to stay alive.
In this brave new world, crime and corruption are rampant. Food and drinking water are scarce and raider ships patrol the seas seizing what they want and dispatching anyone who resists. It's during a scrape with one such raider that Myra learns her beloved daughter Row is living in a settlement near Greenland. The journey to reclaim her long-lost daughter is dangerous but despite knowing she is endangering Pearl's life, Myra stops at nothing in her quest to reunite her family.
Told in the first person from Myra's point of view, After The Flood is a fast-paced tale. The author has vividly imagined a world where the bubonic plague is once again on the rise, where society has broken down and where everyone is dealing with insurmountable loss.
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