These are the world's most Instagrammed tourist attractions

Number one is also the happiest place on earth.

No holiday is complete without a photo for social media, but thanks to tags and geolocations it is easy to see what everyone is doing, and where they are.
The team over at Travel Bird have collected data from Instagram and worked out that the most Instagrammed place in the world is Disneyland, USA.
With around 14.6 million hashtags, Disneyland outranked second place by a country mile with nearly double the amount of tags. Second place went to the Eiffel Tower, Paris with around 7.2 million hashtags.
Travel Bird collated all of this data into a list, and showcased where millennials travelled to based solely on their Instagram photos.
No surprises, then, that Disneyland ranked at the top, followed by the extremely photogenic Eiffel Tower.
New Zealand's top spot was Fiordland National Park, which came in at number 39.