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Secrets of hotel workers revealed

From nasty parting gifts, to the oldest tricks in the book - hotel workers share their secrets.

You've got to sympathise with hotel workers. Not only do many of them have to deal with the disgusting habits of many guests, they also have to deal with unhappy customers, screaming children, and the entitled few who never want to pay their dues.

In a thread on Reddit hotel workers have been sharing their experiences, from tricksters trying to get a free drink, to people with seriously bad personal hygiene.

Here are the worst of the lot.

"I was a hotel room cleaner: when guests put used, untied condoms in the toilet, under pillows, under the bed, on the tea and coffee tray.. basically anywhere."

"If I was cleaning the windows and a child was being noisy nearby a parent might say 'if you aren't good and don't listen you'll end up cleaning windows for your whole life like this man'. Completely dehumanising, demoralising, and just a bit of a s---bag thing to do anyway. Happened so many times I lost count."

"We had guests open the mini-bar fridge, drink the beer, piss in the empty bottle, screwed/put the cap back on and went on their merry ways."

"Any conversation that starts with a belligerent "I'm paying for the room"
Yes, we know. The concept of the hotel is familiar to us."

"I hate when guests treat every minor inconvenience like it's the ONE thing that ruined their vacation.
I read the feedback we get every single day and people give us horrible reviews because of things like "I had to wait a few minutes for the elevator" and "the noise level in the lobby was a bit high"? I don't get how people are so sensitive to the tiniest things! Like if you are that way at home, I feel bad for your spouse or whoever you live with because it's horrible to be around such unnecessary negativity."

"I worked in hotels years ago and the amount of people who order room service and answer the door scantily clad is astonishing. It's your room guy, if you want to lie around with your balls out that's totally fine just pls we give you a robe, throw it on before opening the door."

"Guests complaining about the size of the rooms and how everything is so basic.
You literally booked the cheapest hotelroom in the whole city. That's what you get."