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QANTAS to ditch in-flight entertainment system

Is this the future of travel?

Australian airline QANTAS has decided to ditch its classic in-flight entertainment option on all domestic flights from mid-2017.

Instead, customers travelling on the major carrier will be required to use the in-cabin wi-fi to stream programs through their iPad or tablet device.

QANTAS will have some devices on hand to supply to those passengers who do not have their own, and everyone will be able to take advantage of the new partnership between the airline and Netflix, Spotify and Australian cable channel, Foxtel.

This partnership was made in a bid to increase the QANTAS catalogue of entertainment with customers able to access these usually paid subscription services free of charge during the flight.

However, only Foxtel will continue to remain free for subsequent journeys. Netflix and Spotify are each offering only a 30-day free trial, so if you travel on QANTAS outside of 30-days you will have to subscribe to these services which could set you back $14.99 a month for Netflix and around $13 for Spotify.

This announcement comes just after QANTAS made dramatic changes to its coveted Frequent Flyer program.

From February 20, seat upgrades will require more airpoints, with international flights hit the hardest.

Currently, an upgrade from a sale economy ticket to business class from Sydney to London is 96,000 points, but from Monday it will increase to 120,000 points.

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