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'Travel agents are retro' and 3 other misconceptions about travel consultants debunked

Our world is super-connected, yet travel agents are more relevant than ever. At House of Travel, they’ve updated their approach. Discover how they can work with you to plan your best holiday yet.

By Now To Love with House Of Travel
Think travel agencies are retro? Here, House of Travel helps to quash some common myths and misconceptions, and gives us an insight into how they've modernised their approach in today's technological world.
There's no doubt that Kiwis love exploring. However, while the thought of packing your bags and taking off on an adventure is undeniably alluring, the logistics involved can often send you into a bit of a tailspin.
So where do you start? Instead of trying to weave your way through the myriad of dubious travel 'deals' and unfamiliar airlines, consider using a travel agent to help make the planning fly by.

Myth 1: Travel consultants are out of touch with technology

The world is becoming ever more high-tech and the House of Travel team are no laggards. Their consultants are clued up on all the latest trends and can work with you online, over the phone or in person.
There's also no need to sift through fake reviews if you're a House of Travel customer – they've been collecting verified customer and consultant reviews for more than 10 years.
Once you've booked your exciting holiday, the House of Travel app gives you access to your itinerary and allows you the flexibility to find the best restaurants and things to do, and book activities with the support of your consultant, right from the palm of your hand.
"Customers are often surprised to find out that in one search House of Travel can check all the same booking sites you would at home, plus many more that customers can't access," says Alison Kearney of House of Travel Howick.
"One customer always comes in with his laptop and we compare the rates he finds with what I can get. Last time, it was a month-long trip and we were able to match or better the whole itinerary – and we added some new ideas he hadn't thought of."

Myth 2: Travel consultants won’t work with my research

One of the things House of Travel consultants appreciate is that research is key. They encourage your ideas and welcome your research, which combined with their expert knowledge ensures you achieve the holiday of your dreams.
If your consultant doesn't know the answer, they'll call on their large network of destination specialists to get you the very best advice.
"I really like to chat about what my customers have found as it helps me create the perfect holiday for them," says Amanda Radovanovich of House of Travel Nelson.
"I recently had a customer ask me to book some flights to Europe. Somewhat reluctantly, they told me they'd already organised their itinerary and accommodation. Talking through their plans enabled us to rearrange their itinerary so that they replaced some flight legs with rail, saved on airport taxes, time wasted in airports, and just over $1000. Some of the changes I recommended ended up being the highlights of their trip."

Myth 3: Travel consultants will encourage me to buy products where they make more commission

The ins and outs of planning a holiday can be overwhelming as it is, without worrying about sales pitches being thrown your way.
House of Travel believe a successful holiday is one where you come away having had the ultimate holiday for the best price, and where consultant suggestions are provided to enhance your experience. Whatever your adventure, they're happy to help in any way. Sarah Crowe from House of Travel High Street Lanes says,
"Word of mouth is so important in our business. We genuinely recommend the best holiday for every customer and we follow up with every customer when they get home to see how things went.
Last week, I made a restaurant reservation at a popular hotspot for a customer travelling to Singapore. I earned no commission on doing this, but I know my customer is going to love this experience. House of Travel is all about going the extra mile to create incredible holiday experiences."