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A couple had a fight in the middle of an airport and now it's going viral

This guy told his girlfriend she shouldn't earn more money than him in the middle of the airport and she had something to say about it.

Eavesdropping in public falls into the same category of societal no-nos as white lies; a grey area we are are all guilty of but prefer not to talk about.
In this situation, we're super glad Twitter user @mzbat made her eavesdropping public, tweeting a couples airport fight to her 24.5K followers.
The couple (who remain nameless) began a discussion about an upcoming promotion the girlfriend was being offered, which her boyfriend was asking her to turn down because everyone would know she would be making more money than him.
If reading that made your blood boil, you're not alone - but stay with it.
It was at this stage the woman wiped her tears away and said, " kids? who said anything about me ever wanting kids?!"
We agree with @mzbats; Airport Lady is the hero we all need as we enter 2018 and leave the ups and downs of 2017 behind us.