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Where to go for adventure when you holiday in Vanuatu

Relaxation goes without saying, but there is plenty of action and adventure to be had in Vanuatu, too.

There's nothing like a tropical island holiday to melt away your worries and help you unwind, and for this reason Vanuatu is one of the Pacific's most popular island getaway destinations.
Holiday makers fleeing the stresses of everyday life can't get enough of its relaxed beach vibe, where the most taxing thing you might do in a day is roll from your lounger into the pool for a dip, or walk a few metres to the shade of a palm tree.
For those who love that traditional South Pacific experience, islands like Espiritu Santo certainly deliver.
Espiritu Santo is all about relaxation and it's little more than a short, easy drive to see breath-taking waterfalls, the bluest of Blue Holes, stunning caves or WWII landmarks. The snorkelling and diving is amazing, and for a meaningful cultural experience, there are numerous opportunities to visit the villages and meet the locals.
But for those wanting to incorporate a little action and adventure in to their stay, the main island of Efate or Tanna Island are for you.
Snorkelling in Efate.
Efate offers lots of opportunities for exploration and adventure - from nature treks to swimming to jetski fun, even cycling and kayaking adventures.
Eton Beach and Crystal Blue Lagoon are both must-see swimming spots, and for unparalleled waterfall swimming take a refreshing dip at the Mele Cascades.
Port Vila has a broad range of fishing charters to choose from, and just 20 minutes from Port Vila you can experience Eden On The River - a tropical eco tour that takes you on a series of suspension bridges across the area's stunning tropical riverscape.
The majestic Mount Yasur on Tanna Island. You can hike to its summit to experience spectacular views.
Tanna Island is a 35-minute flight from Port Vila. It's an unspoiled paradise with plenty to do, from ash boarding down the majestic Mount Yasur, to getting your face painted by the local tribes, to swimming in underwater caves or cooking like a local in the island's volcanic hot springs.
Cooking like the locals at Tanna's hot springs.
Mount Yasur is Tanna's most famous attraction. Mt Yasur is the world's largest and most accessible active volcano.
Over the centuries, ash from Yasur has built up huge black sand dunes, creating a stark moonscape that both beguiles and offers visitors the opportunity to slide down on boards. You can also climb up to the crater rim and be treated to magnificent fireworks displays. Night-time viewing is best.
Blue cave diving at Tanna.
A stay on Tanna isn't complete without visiting its Blue Cave, a hidden sea cave that can only be accessed by swimming through a short passageway.
Once there, you'll be captivated by the stunning light rays that beam down from the cave's roof and the iridescent blue pool inside the grotto.
Visitors can visit local villages and witness local customs and ceremonies.
Tanna's local culture is largely unaffected by the western way of life, making it a fascinating island to visit. To experience the traditional Tannese culture, there are day tours to local villages as well as custom ceremonies throughout the year like the renowned Nekowiar or Toka ceremonies.
Take a Black Magic Tour in central Tanna and see local cowboys in action, visit a coffee plantation and have your face painted by local tribe members.