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The world's most expensive cities are no longer what you think

Two Kiwi cities have now overtaken the likes of London, to make the top twenty most expensive places to live in the world.

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The Economist's list of the world's most expensive cities has been released for 2017, and it's bad news for those of us living in Wellington and Auckland.
Despite being some of the most remote cities on the planet, both North Island locations have made the top 16 most expensive places to live.
Beating London, that came in at 24th place, and other European cities, Auckland and Wellington can count places like Oslo, Norway and Copenhagen, Denmark, as neighbours.
Here are the top 10 most expensive:
1.) Singapore
2.) Hong Kong
3.) Zurich
4.) Tokyo
5.) Osaka
6.) Seoul
7.) Geneva
7.) Paris
9.) New York
9.) Copenhagen
Incredibly, only one European city made it to the top five, and in fact Asia and the Pacific dominated the top 20.
Auckland and Wellington both moved over 20 places in the last year to come in at joint 16th.
Whereas Sydney and Melbourne landed in at 14 and 15 respectively.
And while London slid down the ranking to 24, it is thought that it might pop back up, depending on the outcome of Brexit.
Despite the slightly unfortunate news, this does come just weeks after it was revealed Kiwis have one of the most powerful passports in the world, and that Auckland has the best quality of life. So it's not all bad.