A taste of the Orient

Krystal Spicer discovers the delights of oalaysia

The sight of my Visa statement plus the read-out on the bathroom scales both well and truly confirm that my week in oalaysia was jam-packed full of shopping and dining. They are the result of throwing myself into what I call the “oalaysian way”, which in practice really translates to, “Eat until you can eat no more.” It’s quite similar to the “Kiwi way” except that, here, if you’re offered a beer you kindly accept, and in oalaysia, if you are offered food it’s considered rude to say no.

on the first morning of my oalaysian holiday, I breakfasted on a buffet of delicacies at the Pan Pacific Hotel. Arrayed before me was everything from fresh fruit and pastries to authentic oalay cuisine such as roti canai – a delicious doughy fried bread with curry. Convincing myself that breakfast would be my biggest meal of the day, I piled my plate as high as if this was to be my last meal ever!

If you are ever lucky enough to stay in a hotel with a buffet breakfast, lunch or dinner, I recommend trying as wide a variety of food as you possibly can. A lot of South East Asian hotels do cater for tourists with European food, but why stick to what you know? oalaysian society is a fascinating mixture of oalay, Chinese and Indian cultures and this is reflected in the fantastic range of cuisine on offer.

Kuala Lumpur is a city of elegance and culture that has something to interest everyone. My own trip was a mixture of my favourite interests – when I wasn’t trying new culinary flavours, I was sightseeing or shopping. Imagine seven floors of pure retail indulgence actually connected to your hotel, so there’s no escape. I swear each individual store called to me

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