10 reasons to visit Matakana Farmers Market

The Matakana Farmer's Market has become renowned for being a foodie’s paradise - but there is a lot more to the markets than meets the eye. We give you 10 reasons why you need to make a trip there this weekend.
Matakana markets shot

Matakana markets shot

Breakfast around the world

You’ve got to arrive hungry to the Matakana Farmer’s Markets, so you can dive right into the breakfast options. Pick from a breakfast burrito, a lemon crepe or just a selection of warm pastries (we love the wee custard tarts).

Live music

The produce is fresh, and so are the sounds! Browse the stalls while listening to talented performers as you shop.

Up close and personal

Friendly stallholders just love to have a good natter and take you through the story and/or process behind their delicious goods. Trust us, you’ll come out more knowledgeable (and a little fuller too.)

The beautiful setting

On the banks of the Matakana River, you can buy your Italian sausage, fresh bread and super-fresh salad and enjoy a rustic DIY lunch sitting by the water. Great food in a great setting – what more could you want?

Buffalo burgers

So you’ve wandered around a bit, nipped down to the river and you’ve managed to work up more of an appetite after your breakfast nibble? May we suggest you head along to Buffalo Burgers. Just $10 will get you a towering burger of buffalo meat with buffalo blue cheese on a soft-as-a-cloud bun. Vegetarians, you can stock up on the halloumi, also available from the Buffalo store.


Although it’s busy, the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. It’s also an easy loop to navigate, meaning you won’t lose your little ones in a myriad of lanes and pathways.

Taste testing

Perhaps one of the best aspects of the Matakana markets is the fact you can try before you buy. Most stalls have their produce readily available at the front of their stall, allowing you to grab a bite- size piece of their cheese, say, or decide what flavour of hummus you wish to purchase.

Cheese, cheese and more cheese

If you’re a cheese fan, make sure to visit the Whangaripo Valley stall for locally made cheeses. Run by Annie and Phil Armstrong, the stall sells handcrafted delicious yoghurt, brie and blue cheeses – straight from their Australian herd of 17 water buffalo.

Macadamia nut oil

You know about nut butters – and your toast has never been better – but if you’re neglecting to slather nut oils on your face as well as your breakfast, you’re missing out. Matakana Farmers’ Market covers all food and facial requirements. A must-try: cosmetic macadamia nut oil. It’s non-greasy but great for locking in moisture – something your skin will be craving after a brisk winter’s morning at the market.

Fresh flowers

So you’ve partaken in free samples till you’re fit to burst, loaded up a bag full of the most flavoursome produce of the season and you’re ready to leave the fresh air and rolling hills behind to head back to the hustle and bustle of real life; well, make sure you take a little bit of that magic home with you in the form of fresh cut flowers. Even if your house is in disarray, nothing soothes the soul like a beautiful bunch of blooms.

Visit the Matakana Farmers Market, Matakana Village, 2 Matakana Valley Road.

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