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Wesley arrested

Wesley Snipes has been arrested for tax evasion – $17million worth, to be exact. The 44-year-old actor went willingly with Florida police, almost two months after he was indicted while shooting movie Gallowwalker' in Namibia. Wesley has allegedly been under investigation from the Internal Revenue Service for the past four years, but the Blade’ star claims he is being targeted because of his celebrity status. He says, “It appears I’m to be the scapegoat, because there’s more public interest in celebrities gone bad than rich people being taken advantage of. I will abide by the law, seek the protections the law affords me and, as always, seek the advice of competent counsel in an effort to resolve this issue. I’m not running. I’m not a fugitive, despite the misrepresentations in the press.” [11 December 2006]

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