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Welcome to cancellation, ‘The OC’

Cult TV sensation ‘The oC’ has been axed, sending teenagers around the world into despair.

Ratings tumbled after spoiled princess oarissa Cooper (played by Mischa Barton) was killed off in a car accident, and creator Josh Schwartz says, “The finalé will deliver real closure to the series – to the story we began telling four years ago. It will be fun, emotional and really satisfying. It’s the finalé we always planned to do.”

Heartbroken young fans have flooded the Internet with tragic messages. one fan says, “oy heart just sank like the Titanic. Ugh! This sucks so bad! I just wanna cry like a baby. This sucks!”

Another sobs, “Nothing can compare to ‘The oC’. It’s weird because pretty much the only thing I do is ‘oC’ stuff. What am I going to do with my free time? I should go get a life maybe?”

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