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The Bachelor NZ: Jordan reveals why he dumped Fleur

Jordan Mauger has broken his silence, admitting he was "being dishonest".

The Bachelor NZ, Jordan Mauger has finally broken his silence about why he broke up with winner Fleur Verhoeven.
In a statement, the 32-year-old revealed he was "being dishonest" to himself and to Fleur.
"Fleur is a remarkable woman. There is no doubt about that. What I have struggled with is interpreting my feelings from the show to the real world," he said.
"For the last seven weeks, Fleur and myself shared concerns and doubts over that time. Hoping that feelings would reignite again.With contributing factors like distance, media, remaining episodes, secrecy, it made it very difficult.
"After a long absence and only seeing her for the first time onstage, I knew something was a miss. After an exhausting schedule of media commitments and the dust settled. I knew I was being dishonest to Fleur and myself.
"It is only fair Fleur is with someone who can give her the best and give her the commitment and love she deserves. It is a great shame the feelings I had on the show haven’t translated into real life."I know Fleur will go on to do great things. Her talents and caring nature will put her great position for anything she decides to do. She will always have my full support and I care for her greatly."
Jordan and Fleur in happier times.
The news of the shock split broke on Wednesday night, when Fleur revealed on TV3's Story Jordan had dumped her just 48 hours after the final rose ceremony screened on television.
"It has been something neither of us have ever had to deal with. He has been very respectful towards me and in all honesty I would rather have him tell me this now than tell me in a couple of months time. He was actually really respectful in saying this now," she told the show.
"I've been crying. It's not been easy, it's been a rough couple of hours."
"I've told him, if it was up to me I'd love to give it a shot. I do have feelings for him. I wouldn't say I love him because it was very early days but I was definitely interested in getting to know him better."
Fleur said she didn't think runner-up Naz Khanjani was the reason The Bachelor called time on their relationship, but admitted she was upset by her recent behaviour.
"It is disappointing to see that Naz is acting the way she is. All I can say is that it is disappointing."
In a radio interview earlier in the day, runner-up Naz revealed she and Jordan had slept together more than once.
Her behaviour on the live finale show, which screened on Tuesday night, was also the subject of much online chatter.
During the filming, Naz screamed and swore at an audience member that called her "a bitch" and was the subject of discussion by many returning bachelorettes who didn't hold back when asked about the way she behaved during the competition.
Watch Naz describe her relationship with Jordan