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The associate – John Grisham

The associate by John Grisham(Random House, $58.99)

okay, so here’s the story. I am at a beach house in Byron Bay, northern New South Wales, looking forward to a weekend of uninterrupted reading because I’m getting behind with my reviews and my stack of books is now nearly as tall as I am.

on Saturday night, 100 pages into my chosen book, I realise that it is going nowhere and I can’t bear to finish it, let alone review it. I abandon it and pick up my second choice. on Sunday afternoon, 60 pages into this book, I realize that if it is making me fall asleep every 10 pages it is going to do the same for everyone else so I abandon that too.

I panic for a bit, then a bit more, then I notice that the bookshelf in the rented house holds a copy of the new John Grisham novel, The Associate. Someone gave it to “David Spencer” in February and for that I am truly grateful because finally here was a book the pages of which I actually wanted to keep turning.

Kyle McAvoy is a handsome, clever, sporty law student about to graduate and start his life for real when a near-mistake from his frat-boy past rises up and bites him on the bottom.Before you can say “blackmail” he is being forced to infiltrate the world’s biggest law firm for purposes that, sure as eggs are eggs, will prove to be dodgy. Worse, life in the world’s biggest law firm is hardly life at all: new associates work up to 20 hours a day, often sleeping under their desks, billing ridiculous amounts for often bogus reasons.

This is not what Kyle – or his down-home lawyer Dad – wanted, but there’s no way out. Mr is there? Reminiscent of brilliant bestseller The Firm, without perhaps quite the punch of that ending, this is the Grisham we know and love. If you like a fast-paced page-turner that slings dirt at the fat cat world of big bucks lawyers, this is it. Thank you “David Spencer”.

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