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Thandie Newton admits to

She claims to have given up flirting with guys, but British actress Thandie Newton does confess to having had “the odd fling” in her past. Speaking about how she tries not to manipulate men with her beauty, the ‘Crash’ actress – who has been married to writer ol Parker for 11 years – says, “I’ve never dated an actor, just had the odd fling. Isn’t that weird? I don’t flirt with people – a long time ago, I stopped using my sexuality to have a relationship with people. I don’t really think you get a sense of me sexually and that’s why I have really great relationships with straight men.”

Though she claims never to have had a relationship with a co-star, Thandie (37) admits to a crush on her ‘2012’ colleague John Cusack. The mum-of-two tells, “He’s so sweet! Remember ‘Say Anything’ and the scene where he’s holding up the stereo? John is smart, he’s got great integrity and he’s got that look like he would know what to do with you. He’s a very sexy man. Even my mum was like, ‘ooh yes!'”

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