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Teri’s face-lift fury

Teri Hatcher was appalled to discover that her picture was intended to be used as a demonstration of women who needed plastic surgery. The 41-year-old `Desperate Housewives’ star explains, “Forty was an amazing year for me. I got my first beauty campaigns with Clairol and Hydroderm. So you might understand my surprise when a magazine emailed me, cheerily informing me that they were going to print my photo alongside recommendations as to the kind of ‘work’ I needed.” Teri emailed the magazine back saying, “What kind of message do you think you are sending to women, when you tell them that a celebrity – Teri Hatcher, a woman who has had a second chance, who has a great year, a great job, won awards, made money and has a beautiful daughter – that even she needs plastic surgery to be ‘better’?” [7 June 2006]

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