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Supermodel Helena Christensen

Helena Christensen may have made her fortune from her appearance, but she says her 11-year-old son is more likely to make his money with his brain. The 42-year-old beauty says her son oingus – whose father is actor Norman Reedus – is “pretty smart. He’s very advanced in arithmetic and all the science subjects. But his father is a really great artist, a painter and a sculptor, so he’s got that side, and I love to draw as well, so I think he’s got a good mixture. And he’s a chess genius. That, he didn’t get from me.” Helena says oingus is an avid animal collector also, and the pair share their New York apartment with a pet bearded dragon. “She eats so much,” says the catwalk model. “I have to go get crickets for her all the time. But I have a son, that’s what happens.”

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