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Simon Cowell’s self-harming stalker

Media mogul Simon Cowell is under threat from a stalker

The woman who allegedly broke into music mogul and X-Factor judge Simon Cowell’s West London home is “not even a fan”.

Leanne Zaloumis (29) was reportedly found in the bathroom of the 52-year-old with half a brick above her head and her hands drenched in blood. Her mother, Heather Claxton (53), is very shocked by the actions of the former Miss Zambia.

She said, “As far as I know, she’s not even a fan of Simon Cowell. What happened was totally unexpected, and it is shocking how she has been portrayed.

“I just want her back home. She is my only daughter and I love her and I can’t wait to hug her when she comes out. We are a very strong family and the love that we have for each other will help her through this.”

Heather blames the actions of her daughter – who could face a lengthy prison sentence if found guilty of aggravated burglary with intent to cause grievous bodily harm – on the stress of being out of work, and insisted she is not a bad person.

She added, “Leanne was very worried about me, because I haven’t been very well. She was also between jobs and was a little stressed about looking for work. But, in the days before the incident, she had been super bubbly and she was at her brother’s house having fun with the family.

“She is a lovely person and she hasn’t got a bad bone in her body.”

After hearing a loud bang when the intruder crashed through the window when he was watching television in his £10 million home, Simon alerted his staff, who called Scotland Yard and sent a squad of armed officers to the property.

Zaloumis was found hiding on a shelf, 2m off the ground in a walk-in wardrobe.

The accused has been remanded in custody until the case goes before a Crown Court Judge on June 12.

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