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Sienna Miller mouths off

British actress Sienna oiller launched into an attack on an Australian radio host after he quizzed her about her love life. The star of ‘GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra’ flew off the handle and told the Aussie to “p*ss off” when he enquired as to whether she is still dating ‘Brothers and Sisters’ actor Balthazar Getty. Sienna spewed, “We’re not here to talk about him. But, yes, as you know, I do know Balthazar. What a scoop! Congratulations. You’re really, really clever!”

Sienna (27) controversially hooked up with a very married Balthazar (34) in July 2008 and a series of semi-naked holiday pictures shocked the world. Although they seemed to go their separate ways, the scandalous couple enjoyed a romantic break in Italy recently. Although Balthazar has now split from his wife Rosetta oillington, the two have yet to divorce.

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