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Sex and the City made Tyra Banks skinny

They’ve been credited with changing the way people dress and talk, but now Tyra Banks says Carrie Bradshaw and the girls from ‘Sex and the City’ have helped her lose weight. The talk-show queen and ‘America’s Next Top Model’ host has been watching old episodes of the hit series but, instead of sitting on the couch, she’s been working out on her new exercise equipment.

Tyra tells, “The show lasts 30 minutes so that’s how long I’m on the elliptical trainer.” However, the former supermodel says her new slimline figure has led to some unexpected media coverage. She adds, “I felt kind of exposed because I wasn’t trying to proclaim to the world, ‘I got fit and I got healthy and I got in shape.'”

In other ‘Sex and the City’ news, Miley Cyrus is tipped to film a cameo role on the film sequel next week after proclaiming herself to be a big fan of the show.

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