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Seal, the famous singer of ‘Kiss from a Rose’, admits his guilty CD collection secret – he owns ‘Abba Gold’ and listens to it while he runs. The husband of model Heidi Klum, and father to their four children – Leni (6), Henry (5), Johan (3) and Lou (1) – Seal blames his young family for the inclusion of the Abba album on his shelves. When asked about any embarrassing CDs, Seal joked, “The Village People – no, only joking. I do own ‘Abba Gold’ though, who doesn’t?” he says. “The kids love it.”

However, it’s not just the kids who like it. The 47-year-old admits he likes to hear their hits when he’s out jogging. “I listen to ‘Dancing Queen’ when I’m running, along with Donna Summer’s ‘on The Radio’,” he says

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