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Sandra Bullock loves flaws

Sandra Bullock has said that society should embrace people just as they are and begin focusing on flaws as positive markers of one’s individuality. ‘The Proposal’ actress underwent speech therapy herself when she was younger to correct a lisp but wishes that she hadn’t. Says Sandra, “When I was 8 and had my speech impediment, I wish someone had said to me, ‘Don’t change. Be who you are’. But society is really strong in their opinions. I just think, ‘Why? Why did I need to get rid of a lisp?’ Why can’t we embrace people as they are?”

She continued, “I wish I had realised that the things I thought were weaknesses and flaws were just me. They are unique traits that make special human beings.”

Sandra thinks that sexism is partly to blame and wonders why there are different rules for men and women: “Why is it that young boys and men are unique and eccentric and are mavericks when they’re different, but women are odd when we’re eccentric or different? It’s just not fair.”

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