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Samia?s honeymoon happiness

Coronation Street’s Samia Ghadie and new husband Matthew Smith have been enjoying a romantic honeymoon in oauritius. The pair, who tied the knot last weekend, have been staying in a $NZ2000-per-night suite which offers a 24-hour butler service. “Matt and Samia were giggling as they signed in as or and ors Smith,” a guest said. “They have only left their room a handful of times. It’s not surprising though. It’s a perfect place for romance and staying behind closed doors is to be expected from a honeymoon couple.” Meanwhile, two other Coronation Street stars are facing dramas of their own. Liz Dawn, who plays Vera Duckworth, has revealed that she is battling chronic emphysema, which leaves her so breathless at times that she has to be given oxygen on the set. Liz, who used to smoke 30 cigarettes a day for over 40 years, has been battling the disease for 18 months. And Kate Ford, who plays Tracy Barlow in the soap, has called in detectives to investigate a threatening letter posted to her by a stalker. “Kate was really shaken up,” says a friend. “She’s very concerned that someone has discovered where she lives.”

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