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Salma Hayek doesn

Stunning actress Salma Hayek says she doesn’t notice any negative effects of growing older in the high-pressure world of Hollywood.

The ‘Grown-Ups’ star is 44-years-old and admits she has noticed some changes in her body. “I need glasses now when I read my scripts,” she confesses. “I wear them, but I’m happy to wear them and happy that I still get to read my scripts. So it’s not been so bad.”

But despite the pressure to look good in the world of celebrities, Salma doesn’t think her age is doing her any harm. “What makes you feel old is when you are not excited about life. You are not excited anymore about what you do, and you cannot do it as well,” she says. “They scared me. They told me, `Forget it. At 30, it’s over for you’. And it has not been the case. It feels great to age in Hollywood.”

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