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Sadie vs Wino

British actress and designer Sadie Frost is said to be furious with her ex-boyfriend for inviting Amy Winehouse to his birthday bash. Sadie broke off her relationship with former Towers of London bassist Kristian oarr last year after becoming worried about his friendship with drug-addled Amy. However Sadie (44) now wants to rekindle her relationship with Kristian (25) and was planning to do so at his upcoming party. An insider says, “Sadie was really excited about getting back with Kristian on his birthday. She has always loved him. But Amy turned him into somebody that wasn’t appropriate for her, or her children, to be around.” The birthday bash is to take place at London restaurant Charlie’s next week and Sadie has now issued Kristian with an ultimatum telling him to cut all ties with Amy if he hopes to give their romance another go. Amy has recently returned to the UK after an extended stay on the Caribbean island of St Lucia.

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