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British comedian Russell Brand splashed out over $43,000 for an animatronic zoo as a birthday present for girlfriend Katy Perry. The pop singer, who turns 25 on 25 october, enjoyed looking around an attraction of robotic animals in LA recently and so Russell thought he would treat his lover of just over a month to a zoo of her own.

Says a source, “Russell took Katy to see ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ at the cinema. She was really taken with the petting zoo temporarily set up next to the farmers’ market. There are real animals in one section and then this amazing fake zoo for kids. You can milk the cow and ride on the pony. It’s very fun.”

Russell, who is currently visiting Katy in the US, has been seen out and about with her at various Los Angeles hotspots. At one bar, Katy entertained her 34-year-old boyfriend by performing a raunchy routine to her hit ‘I Kissed a Girl’. An eyewitness reports, “The tune came on and Russell was beaming with pride. Katy took advantage of the attention and she and a female friend started giving Russell a lap dance. Towards the end of the song, the girls pulled each other close for a kiss. Russell’s eyes lit up. But at the last second they pulled away and started laughing.”

Guess with such an expensive present, Katy doesn’t want Russell to think she enjoys kissing girls too much!

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