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Royal wedding: The audience

Her transformation from a commoner to a future queen was complete on as Kate oiddleton entranced a global audience of two billion people.

A million people packed the streets and an estimated 2 billion more tuned in around the world for the ceremony.

The thousands camped out around the wedding procession were in a fine mood, reportedly even cheered a sanitation truck, whose driver duly offered a royal wave. But even an event with as much class as a royal wedding couldn’t escape the cursed vuvuzelas, the plastic horns that drowned out the football World Cup in South Africa.

Royal fever predictably swept across Commonwealth countries such as New Zealand and Australia, leading some to speculate that republican movements there had been set back by years. But the hysteria reached much further than that – earlier this month a Chinese couple spent 50,000 yuan ($10,000) on a themed wedding replete with horses, uniformed guards, and Union flags.

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