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Robbie’s no Angel

Robbie Williams is still battling addictions. The megastar, who has been to rehab for drug and alcohol problems in the past, admits, “I’m still addicted to everything. If I play two games of table tennis, I’ll be addicted to that. I’m cut between being a druggie and a professional athlete. I hate drugs, I love drugs. They haven’t invented a new one that’s not bad for you or less depressing than Ecstasy, or one that makes you less paranoid than coke.” He philosophically adds, “As depressing and heartbreaking as it is, as soul destroying and relationship destroying as it is, it makes life interesting.” Meanwhile, the `Angels’ singer has given up on his search for a long-term partner. He says, “For the first two or three years of my sobriety I was desperate to be in a relationship because I thought it would fix me. But if you’re in a relationship you have to keep your **** in your pants – and I’d struggle with that.” [25 August 2006]

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