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Robbie & Tara: Together again?

Pop star Robbie Williams and British socialite Tara Palmer-Tomkinson have rekindled their relationship, following their brief fling early last year. Tara reveals, “There’s still chemistry between me and Robbie. He texts me all the time now. I’ve known him for three years and we are still close.” She adds, “Robbie has to share himself with millions of people and I’m lucky he’s got time for me.” However Tara won’t comment on whether she and the Rock DJ' singer are an item, but pals confirm they are close. A source claims, "Whenever she's in LA, they meet up and spend the night together at his house. And Robbie always makes sure he comes to see Tara when he's in the UK." Tara also reveals that Robbie, who suffers from depression and whose recent album Rudebox’ was panned by critics, was in a “happy place”. She adds, “He’s told me he’s over his stress now. People have a go at him for being ratty but it’s no wonder because he’s always surrounded by so many people wanting a piece of him.” [9 January 2007]

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