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River’s message from the grave for Johnny?

According to celebrity psychic Kenny Kingston, the late actor River Phoenix has warned his pal Johnny Depp to steer clear of an obsessive fan. River – who died from drug-induced heart failure outside the Viper Room club the `Pirates of The Caribbean’ star once owned on Halloween night 1993 – still keeps a close eye on his friend, Kenny says. The psychic claims that on the 13th anniversary of his death last week, Phoenix visited him with a stern warning to Johnny. Kenny reveals, “River fears for Johnny. He said that he must watch out for someone with a vicious temper. He said, ‘Danger lies in the shadows.’ “I get the impression he was talking about an obsessed fan”. Kenny also fears for Aussie star Hugh Jackman, who insists spirits have urged to cut down on his work – or risk his health and marriage. He says, “I predicted Hugh would win a Tony Award and he did and now I’d like him to slow down because the spirits tell me he’s heading for a major health problem because he overworks. His marriage [to Deborra-Lee Furness) is also at risk”. [8 November 2006]

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