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Ricky Gervais:

British comedian Ricky Gervais, creator of hit series ‘The office’, says he doesn’t mind that some people detest him and his brand of humour. The funnyman says he would never want to be telling ‘safe’ jokes that don’t upset people. “I’d rather be loved and hated in equal doses than be liked because if I do a safe anodyne piece of comedy that no-one really bothers with, then I’ll just slowly sink into the hot bath of national treasuredom,” he explains. “I want to still feel a fire in my belly when I come up with a joke or idea,” he continues. “There are people who hate me with a passion. It keeps them up at night. It doesn’t keep me up at night.” According to the Emmy Award winner, he used to worry about people’s opinions but has now stopped. “I went through fearing it, then combating it, and now I realise nothing anyone says or does affects me in any way. As long as there’s someone still buying the tickets or watching, it doesn’t affect me when I walk down the street.”

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