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‘The Constant Gardener’ star Rachel Weisz has said what many people already thinks about many Hollywood stars – her life feels like a fairytale! The 40-year-old actress loves getting dressed up for events and says she appreciates that part of the job. “Promoting a movie is part of the job and it’s fiction as much as the movie is. It’s fantasy, it’s not real life, it’s work and it’s not unpleasant,” she says. “It’s like a fairytale. You get lent a dress and someone does your hair and makeup. It’s like dressing up and it’s not real – nobody looks like that when they wake up in the morning!” Rachel says part of her reality is working hard to maintain her figure. “I’m very healthy. I eat well and exercise. Like being an athlete you have to be somewhat in shape because this is what you have got.”

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