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Pierce Brosnan doesn

Pierce Brosnan says he has no desire to play James Bond again. The British actor appeared as the legendary British spy in ‘Goldeneye’, ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’, ‘The World is not Enough’ and ‘Die Another Day’, but says he’s glad he has moved on from the action franchise.

“I enjoyed my time as Bond,” says Pierce, “but I don’t miss him. I don’t have any desire to do Bond again.” The 56-year-old actor also admitted he may no longer have the physical capabilities that it takes to play James, and that he is happy with the projects he is currently involved with. “I love who I am as an actor right now,” he says.

Pierce’s latest film ‘Remember oe’ is currently playing at cinemas around New Zealand, and ‘Salvation Road’, which also stars Jennifer Connelly and oarisa Tomei, is due for release early next year.

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