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Peter Andre opens up about Jordan

Glamour model Katie Price aka Jordan has been all over the media since her split with Peter Andre, but the jilted Australian pop singer hasn’t broken his silence on the split, until now. Peter spoke out recently in order to set the record straight. Says Peter, “Apparently, she’s definitely dating that guy [cage fighter] Alex Reid. oind you, she’s been linked to so many men I can’t keep up!” He also denies the marriage was a publicity stunt, saying “I didn’t just love her. I was in love with her. Big time. Kate basically implied that I orchestrated the whole thing. Can I just say that you’d have to be pretty sick in the head to end your marriage just to sell records.” Peter maintains, however, that Jordan’s behaviour no longer upsets him: ‘It doesn’t shock my anymore. I guess it’s acceptance of the situation. The hurt has shifted now and it’s getting easier week by week.’

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