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Paris in space

Paris Hilton has reportedly forked out $305,000 to be one of the first to set foot on Richard Branson’s Virgin Enterprise space shuttle – even though it hasn’t been built yet. The blonde socialite may also have to endure her own slice of The Simple Life' onboard, as all passengers will be required to wear nappies due to the lack of bathroom facilities on the shuttle. She will have to undergo three days of space training prior to the flight to learn to endure immense G-forces as the rocket hits 4,800kmph - faster than a bullet - before experiencing weightlessness for five minutes. A source close to Paris says, "She was a fan of the Star Wars films and the idea of blasting into space thrills her, but I don't think she's done the research. The reality may not be her idea of fun." Sir Richard plans to take off on the first tourist flight, scheduled for 2009, which will carry six passengers 100km in the sky. They will be able to see the curvature of the Earth through extra-large windows as well as the planet's blue atmosphere. Star Trek’ star William Shatner, model Kate Moss and `Alien’ actress Sigourney Weaver have also put down deposits for a ride. [29 August 2006]

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