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Our most watched videos of 2016

What videos got you talking this year?

Most watched videos of the year 2016
Here at Women’s Weekly we aim to bring you content that entertains, informs and inspires. And as 2016 draws to a close, we’ve loved looking at what videos got you talking over the last 12 months.
From comic clips to celeb specials, real life reads to celebrating Kiwi culture, here are the top ten videos you love this year.
Cheeky Keas
You loved this footage of our native Keas causing havoc in the Homer Tunnel down south.
Emotional Haka
Another home grown video that captured your heart – and the world’s – was the footage from Aaliyah and Benjamin Armstrong’s wedding here in New Zealand – where the groomsmen performed a haka for the wedding party. Overcome with emotion, the bride and groom both end up joining in the incredible performance, that sent the video viral.
At home with Jenny May
Jenny May welcomed her twin baby boys earlier this year, and invited the Weekly into her home to meet them. Our footage of her little family really caught your attention, and was one of our top watched videos of the year.
Creepy crawlies
Totally gross but also impossible to look away from – this video was one of our top watched of the year.
Definitely in the dog house
You couldn’t get enough of this hilarious clip, showing what a boyfriend definitely shouldn’t do if their girlfriend starts to slip off a cliff.
Baby born in under a minute
Jessica Stubbins, from England, was hoping for an easy birth with baby girl Lucy. But she got a bit more than she bargained for when she gave birth in under a minute – before her husband Tom could even arrive. The whole thing was captured on CCTV, and it really is quite incredible. Moments after walking into the room in pain and Jessica is holding her new born baby in her arms.
A reminder to drive safely
Robert and Renare Raiba were left “shattered” after their two young daughters were paralysed, when a dangerous driver ploughed into their vehicle on a family day out. Shockingly, the driver was a driving instructor who swerved into the family’s car during a bout of road rage. The devastated parents released footage of the crash in a bid to stop drivers from making bad decisions.
Sibling love
These conjoined twins hadn’t been able to see each other, due to being attached at the tops of their heads. The risky 27 hour operation was a success, and the moment the babies finally clock eyes on each other for the first time was captured on film. Pretty magical.
Baby walks out of mother’s womb
A technique known as a “natural caesarean,” a doctor will help to free the baby partially from their mother’s womb, before letting the newborn wriggle the rest of the way out. In this particular instance, the baby appears to walk out of him mother’s womb – and certainly got you clocking play.
Parents say goodbye to dying son
A heartbroken couple shared the touching final moments of their newborn son, who died after just seven days of life. In a bid to record the “happiest they’ll ever be,” Nancy and Charlie McLean got their wedding videographer to record footage of their final moments with their baby boy, Edison. Suffering from a rare metabolic condition, Edison was not long for the world. “We only had seven days with our baby boy, but we take immense comfort out of the truth that in those seven days he knew only love,” the couple said after his death.