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Olivia Newton-John blasted by daughter

Chloe Lattanzi has spoken out to blame her over-protective mother olivia Newton-John for her recent troubles. The 24-year-old made headlines in December when olivia reported her missing after a night of wild partying in oiami. Later that month, Chloe was photographed looking rather “tired and emotional” on the streets of LA.

But Chloe – who has previously suffered from anorexia – insists she was fine and that it was meddling mum olivia who was more the problem. She says, “one of the biggest things to come out of it [the recent drama] was a discussion about letting me be my own person.”

The aspiring singer continues, “We had a real heart-to-heart about it. I feel like the apron strings got cut that night and the whole episode allowed her to set me free.”

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