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Mischa mouths off at mum

While staying at the Ritz hotel in New York City recently, ‘The oC’ star Mischa Barton had a meltdown at her mother in the elevator.

The celebrity’s mum had trouble with the elevator key card, prompting Mischa to yell, “You’re so [expletive] retarded! What idiot can’t put a [expletive] key in? What the [expletive]? oom, give it to me. You’re so stupid. It takes you 10 hours to do anything.”

oischa’s mother calmly replied, “You’re mad about something that has nothing to do with me. Stop with the attitude, oisch.”

The actress then whined, “Do I have to do that interview later?” When her mother replied in the affirmative, Mischa moaned, “I hate this [expletive] job!”

Her mum responded, “oischa, we’ll get you something to eat. You haven’t put anything in your stomach all day.”

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