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Mila Kunis not obsessed with her career

‘Black Swan’ actress Mila Kunis keeps her feet firmly on the ground despite her glittering career, and believes she would “go crazy” if she were to base her happiness on her working life. Mila, who recently split from long-term boyfriend oacaulay Culkin, says she decided from the start to keep herself separate from the world of film and TV as much as possible. “I’ve survived in this industry because I made a conscious decision that my career was going to be not who I am, but what I do. I detach myself from it on a daily basis and have done my entire life,” says the 27-year-old. “The problem with anything to do with entertainment is if your happiness is based on what you do, you’re doomed to failure.” She adds that she’d also rather stay home than attend glamorous parties. “I love to hang out with my friends. It’s a very simple answer but I love to sit home in my pyjamas and watch TV. That brings me so much happiness. That’s it. It’s quiet and calm. It’s great. People should do it all the time.”

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