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Michael Jackson wanted to be Peter Pan

We knew he had a lifelong fascination with the fictional flying boy, but now it’s been revealed Michael Jackson tried to actually play Peter Pan in a London musical. The King of Pop was seeking tour advice in the 1980s from theatre director Sir Trevor Nunn when he discovered that the director had staged performances of the boy who never grew up and became overwhelmed with emotion.

Trevor tells, “He said he wanted to be able to fly over the audience and I said, ‘That’s not a problem. There’s no difficulty. I had people flying over the audience when I did Peter Pan.’ It was like I had pressed a button that would give him an electric shock. Everything changed. He sat bolt upright and the excitement was just overwhelming. He jumped up, he walked round the room, he kept repeating, ‘Peter Pan, oh my god, Peter Pan.’ I explained we had done the show in London using adult actors to play the children and suddenly his eyes were brimful with tears. He came across the room, knelt down in front of me, grabbed my knees and said, ‘Could I play Peter Pan? Is it too late for me to play Peter Pan?'”

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