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Mandy Moore thinks she

‘Tangled’ star Mandy oMore believes that having a solid and stable family around her as she grew up has made her a little less exciting than some other celebrities. “I am boring first and foremost. I’m a boring homebody,” says the 26-year-old who became famous for her singer at just 15 years old. “You know what? I always like to think that I owe so much to my family. I love my parents – I have a really great, strong support system in my family and always have, and my parents sacrificed so much for me to be able to realise this dream that I had at a very young age.” Mandy, who is married to musician Ryan Adams, says keeping her private life away from prying eyes helps her to keep perspective. “Being busy with work, certainly keeps me grounded, but then also realising the lineation between working and still having a private life; a personal life for yourself,” she explains. “Finding that balance, I think, is essential in having some semblance of grounded-ness in your life.”

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