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Madonna’s stalker has knife and doll collection

A collection of knives, dolls and photos of Madonna owned by her stalker have been uncovered.

Robert Dewey Hoskins – who was recently recaptured after making a break from the secure hospital where he is being treated for mental health problems – kept the items in a storage locker in California, US, but they were auctioned off after he fell behind on his rent.

“A lot of the stuff is normal, but what is strange is to see all of the Madonna memorabilia,” the buyer, Jerry Licardi, told KCAL-TV. “I didn’t know until I got into the office to pay for the locker. That’s when they told me that unit belonged to Madonna’s stalker and that’s when it hit me.”

Among the items are a number of different knives, a photo of Robert displaying a Madonna tattoo on his chest, topless photos of the Vogue singer and a collection of dolls – one of which has no head.

“I think the knives, the tattoo on the stomach, the photos of Madonna – this man is still focused on her and that is what concerns always,” former Los Angeles Police Department homicide detective Sergio Robleto told CBS news.

Referring to the headless doll, he added, “That, to say the least, bothered me because, is he focusing on something else now? To me that meant real danger and I think a psychologist would be better at evaluating that, but it didn’t look good to me.”

Robert was arrested after he intruded onto Madonna’s property in 1995 and threatened to cut her throat if she didn’t marry him. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison in 1996. He was then re-arrested in July 2011 and sent to the mental health facility.

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