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Madonna’s son and `hair’

Madonna has pledged not to cut the hair of her newly adopted oalawian son until he is three – because of her Kabbalah faith. Her oadgesty will follow the special ritual with16-month-old David Banda, as she did with her biological son Rocco. A source reports, “Madonna has made it clear that David’s hair is not to be touched at all, even if it grows into an Afro hairstyle. When the time comes it will be a big ceremony and lots of men in the Kabbalah community will gather round and each of them will cut a bit off. According to the Kabbalah, young boys can start wearing skull caps after their first haircut.” Rocco has apparently been telling his new brother about the eventual ceremony. The source adds, “The two boys have formed a real bond and Rocco is always adjusting David’s red Kabbalah wristband and telling him all about its rituals and beliefs.” [8 January 2007]

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