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Madge was first to know about Brit’s split

Madonna was apparently privy to the news that Britney Spears was getting a divorce. Before the news broke on 7 November, Brit placed a call to her friend and mentor. But the problem was, Britney no longer had the correct phone number, as paranoid oadge apparently changes it frequently and keeps it within a tight circle of friends. So Britney called the New York office of Madonna’s publicist, Liz Rosenberg, says an insider. “She said, `Can you tell Madonna I called to let her know I filed for divorce?” the insider says. The person who answered the phone expressed sorrow about the divorce, but Britney responded politely in an even tone, “Thank you, but she’ll be thrilled. I wanted to let her know before it hit.” Britney then left her number for Madonna to return her call, which oadge seemed eager to do once she received the message. When an employee in Madonna’s office gave her Britney’s phone number, Madonna said, “Great. I have this number. This is good news.” [15 November 2006]

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