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Lindsay’s expensive addiction

Lindsay Lohan’s spending seems to be spiralling out of control, much to the concern of her pals. The `oean Girls’ star, who is worth an estimated $12million, is ploughing through her fortune at an alarming rate. Last year alone the 19-year-old reportedly spent $1.5million on clothes – causing friends and family to fear that if she continues blowing such vast sums, she’ll end up with nothing. “Her closets are overflowing with things such as $12,000 Prada dresses and $6,000 Balenciaga bags,” reveals Lindsay’s stylist, Rachel Zoe. “She has so many outfits she never wears some of them.” on one spree, the actress spent $33,000 in 20 minutes and has forked out $150,000 in a day. A friend notes, “Lindsay gets a real adrenalin high from spending money and buying expensive things. She hasn’t quite got the hang of blagging things. She’s one of the most photographed stars in the US and if she wanted, say, an expensive handbag, all she’d have to do is get an aide to call and get it in. But it seems she rather just spend money like there’s no tomorrow.” [27 June 2006]

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